February 21, 2019

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Bahadurgarh is a small city of Haryana where we are used to consuming milk delivered in plastic bags sold by a few good brands. But I was always doubtful of its nutrients and hygiene value. The launch of BugIt Fresh Glass bottled milk won my trust in quality, packaging, and purity. I highly recommend all to switch to BugIt Fresh Glass Bottled Milk and also get a report on what nutrients, you are consuming every day.

Haryana, India

I was too concerned for my seven years daughter Vrinda, who always started tantrums whenever it was her milk time. She simply hated drinking milk we bought in plastic pouches. But the time, we switched to BugIT Glass Bottled Milk, she started liking its smell as well as taste. Now, I am too happy that BugIt fresh milk is helping my loving daughter’s growth.

Haryana, India

I love my milk because of Its yummy taste. My grandmother says It will make me stronger to become a Pilot.

Haryana, India