Why Glass Bottled Milk Considered to be the Best for Everyone?

A new trend is catching people these days…

A new awareness is holding their reasoning these days……and what’s that?

India wants milk in glass bottles.

Really? Did I hear right?

“Milk in Glass Bottles and not in plastic pouches…”

Yes. It is….

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In Indian families, it’s almost a custom to drink healthy milk every day. We start and end our day with a glass of fresh milk. But past few decades, people living in cities are forced to get milk only in plastic pouches which have numerous disadvantages.

This new age of the internet has educated people on health and hygiene. We are aware of the disadvantages of using excessive plastic in our day-2-day life, and its consequences of polluting the environment have started showing its effects.

Now, our educated and awakened class seeing the global trends has also started asking for fresh, hygiene and pure milk in glass bottles.

Health conscious people are looking for a broad array of advantages in getting over plastic bottles and replacing them with glass bottles. A few of them are mentioned here for your benefit:-

Taste Better

Every packaged drink affects the quality of the product, but the glass bottles make sure that the contained milk is cold. Glass bottles are also impermeable as they do not affect the shape, taste and blend with any other chemical(s).


Plastic bottles are gradually killing our planet earth. If we replace all of them with glass bottles then, less plastic will get into the sludge, and there will cause less damage to the environment. The only way you can help is to reuse the glass bottles and cut down the quantity of waste and promote sustainability.
Glass Bottle Milk - Taste Better - BugIt.in


Other than glass, there is a risk of plastic packaging having a chemical reaction with the stored milk. Glass milk bottles, on the other hand, are safe and certified from the FDA because it is made with material like sand, soda ash, and limestone, which are naturally available in abundance. The contrary slab of glass bottles prevents aggregates like BPA can negatively impact the milk.


Glass bottles can be reused and recycled. Their lifespan is much longer than other alternatives. They also preserve the flavor of milk and other dairy products much longer than plastic or cardboard packaging. The material of the glass bottle is less likely to allow its content to mix with other pollutant chemicals.


Continuous use of plastic bottles develops a certain kind of smell. To avoid burning smell from bottles, shift to glass bottles. You can sterilize glass bottles with the use of traditional equipment for bottle warming. Moreover, you can quickly clean them with soapy water too.

Multi-Purpose Use

Milk is the essence of the article, but glass bottles can be reused for storing many other purposes. They can accommodate different condiments, drinks, etc. You can use it for storing juices, spices, and many other ingredients.

Visually Appealing

When we talk about visual appearance, glass milk bottles looks much more sophisticated than then other counterpart plastic bottles. Moreover, the transparent bottle allows people to see the product clearly, that makes the product more appealing and hence sales are guaranteed. Simple yet elegant, glass bottles make way for the best-looking bottles for milk storage and selling.



Glass bottles are becoming quite prevalent now as they are the best substitutes for plastic. Today, plastic usage has degraded the earth’s soil, landfills, and water bodies and in turn that has affected the marine life. There is a great misbalance in the world’s ecosystem and shortly, humans have to suffer.

Glass bottles are indeed a safe option for packaging perishables like milk or other dairy products. Plastic can melt in the scorching heat as we experience in India and deteriorate the quality of dairy products.

Say Yes to Glass Bottled Milk for a healthy living !!!





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