February 21, 2019


Frequently Asked Questions - General


Q: Milk is a rich source of calcium. What other nutrients our body gains from pure milk?

Protein, Calcium, Iron, Sodium, Potassium, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Fat, and Minerals.

Q: What is meant by milk Fat & SNF?

SNF in milk is “solids-not-fat,” the substances in milk other than butterfat and water.

Q: What is synthetic milk?

Synthetic Milk is not milk in any sense. It is artificially made with water, pulverized detergent or some kind of soap, sodium hydroxide, urea, vegetable oil, etc. Though it looks like milk, but heavily adulterated and harmful for human life.

Q: Apart from water, what are the common adulterants mixed with milk in India?

Adulterants like soap, acid, starch, table sugar and chemicals like formalin added to the milk. Most of the chemicals used as adulterants are poisonous and cause health hazards.

Q: What is the simplest way to test added water in milk?

The simple way to test the water adulteration in milk is to use an instrument called “lactometer” which works on checking the gravity of milk. This instrument is straightforward to use and readily available in the market.

Q: Can we test our milk for other adulterants as well?

Yes. We can test our milk for other adulterants like Starch, Water, Urea, Detergent, and Synthetic Milk. Testing for other adulterants requires few chemicals like hydrochloric acid, sulphuric acid, and others, which is not feasible for everyone to conduct such tests at home.


Frequently Asked Questions - Delivery


Q: How to start your subscription for Bug It Milk?

Please visit our contact us page and fill all the required details. Our delivery team will contact you to start the service.

Q: Why we deliver milk in glass bottles?

Long ago in India, milk was delivered in Glass bottles only because glass is non-reactive and thus purity of milk remains intact.

Q: What is the standard size of glass bottles?

The standard size of a Glass Bottle is One liter.

Q: How and when the delivery will take place?

Delivery at your door-step will take place in Morning as well as Evening. You can book for any slot or both the slots as per your needs and convenience.

  1. Morning timings  6 am to 9 am
  2. Evening timings    5 pm to 9 pm

Q: If you wish to temporarily stop/increase/decrease the milk quantity, when can you inform us about that?

For any change in supplying of milk, please inform by 8 pm of the previous day.

Q: How to pay your bills?

You can pay thru UPI, Bank transfer like NEFT, IMPS or PayTM or Cash.

Q: What’s so great about Bug It Milk?

BugIt Milk is Raw, Fresh, Free of Processing, Free of Adulteration, Hygienic and direct from Farm-2-Kitchen. Additionally, we also provide a Daily Report on Health Nutrients on your registered WhatsApp number.